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Polish Machine

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    1. 详细信息

    Product Description

    Nano-polish machine is a special equipment by HC Technology manufacture for anti-fouling & brightening the glossy of glaze tiles.This equipment can be used for processing 3OO ~ 1200mm products, with the nano-liquid on the surface of the tiles after glazingporosity to fll, repair of micro-cracks to ensure that the surface has a strong anti-fouling and uniform gloss.

    Structural Features

    1、The grinding head components do not need to lubricate the transmission structure, wear, structural stability, good rigidity;

    2、The whole high degree of standardization, simple operation, low maintenance costs;

    3、Anti-pollution wax water flled evenly, tile surface is good, high gloss;

    4、All models have more than one production site, a multi-purpose machine to meet customer processing requirements of differentspecifications tiles.

    Technical Parameters